The Prestigious Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise MIKE Award finally comes to Thailand!

The MIKE Award builds on the original Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award as launched by Mr. Rory Chase of Teleos in 1998. The most prestigious enterprises from different parts of the world have been recipients of this Award. 

We are pleased to announce the 2020 Thailand MIKE Award Winners.



The new drive in Knowledge Management now is how innovative enterprises are operating in our continually changing world.

The MIKE Award is a diagnosis tool for improving innovations in enterprises as well as a basis for an international benchmarking study.


The Process

The MIKE assessment framework is modified from the MAKE study tradition and built based on the intellectual framework for innovation. There are two parts of the assessment: (A) the sustainability factors (in terms of eight criteria) and (B) various innovation performance indicators (to be selected by the applicant organization as appropriate).

Part A

Applicants are free to describe their practices with stories, evidence and data. There is a limit on the pages on the forms and on the supplementary information they can attach.

Part B

Applicants can select the most appropriate innovation criteria which are the most suitable to describe their innovation performance. They can choose more than one.

A panel composed of local and International experts in KM and Innovation will be formed each year. Non-disclosure agreement and declaration for conflict of interest with any applicants would be signed by the judges.  The composition of the judging panel would only be disclosed after the judging process has been completed. 

Previous Global MIKE winners

Join them and be recognized as a Global MIKE 100!